“That some achieved great success is proof to all that others can achieve it as well”…. Abraham Lincoln
A Financial Knowledge based on my Experience.
New Age Guru
Raj Sunder is an Author, Corporate Leader, Entrepreneur, Acclaimed Leadership Guru and the Founder Member of British Academy of Education & Research. He believes that if you have the determination to succeed and the willingness to devote time and efforts than nobody can’t stop you to achieve what you want to achieve. He always believes that leaders create the chain of leaders after him.
Raj believes that Right Attitude plays a crucial part in shaping the future .His Seminars and workshops are based on personal Life experience and extensive reading habits. His association of 14 years with different corporate gave him the insight to see the business world from close quarter. He worked with Top Indian and Multinational companies in different Capacities as Operations Head, Regional Head ,General Manager and Retail Head.
Raj worked for the improvement of Financial knowledge of the people. He conducted Free Regular seminars throughout the country.He believes every Indian should lead a Good Life full of riches and for that Financial Knowledge is must.
He learned the great deal of things from the people around him. The philosophy of Prosperous successful Businessmen was imbibed by Raj sunder at an early age. He meets lot of prosperous people who were school dropout but highly successful businessmen. He realized that average People suppress their dreams and close minds to the possibility of Financial Freedom. He believes every human being has a potential to transform his dreams into reality.
Throughout his life, Raj’s experience taught him many valuable lessons. Sometimes Raj listened, Sometimes he had to learn the hard way by committing the big mistakes himself. But by applying these lessons of his experience of life, Raj became financially free at the age of 37.
Fueled by the passion to share his wisdom with his countrymen, Raj has started sharing his experience with people so that they also start thinking for better and prosperous way of life. He has now devoted himself completely sharing his ideas with fellow countrymen so that they can also make money. He has life story and message that can inspire others to lead a better, successful and prosperous life.
Successful entrepreneur he is, before completing 30 years of age he made great success. Presently he is heading the HyperCITY Retail as General Manager which deals in Retail Businesses.
His desire to do something good for the society and promote others to elevate their dreams and open their mind to life's possibilities.
Financial Understanding would help you to take appropriate decision regarding the money. It is must to lead a good rich life so you can think beyond money and enjoy the other aspects of life also.
Alternatively you can give the call on the Below mentioned Numbers for booking the seats in the seminars for the respective dates (Please Show the SMS at the Seminar Venue) :
Phone Numbers : +91-9717383279
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