JAI MAA LAKSHMI Invite more riches and abundance in life
Maa Laxmi
Maa Lakshmi is the giver of wealth and prosperity. She not only bestows riches like money and good fortune on you but anything else you may consider important for a well endowed abundant life, like vehicles, food, home, children, love, courage, confidence etc.
We should pray mother everyday in the morning to get her benevolence. She showers her devotees with great fortune and helps them live a well fulfilled life.
Anything that brings happiness, money, beauty, abundance, riches in life is due to the blessings of mother Mahalakshmi.
Ashtlakshmi represents the eight forms or aspects of Goddess Lakshmi signifying the different faces of wealth
Ashta Lakshmi-The eight aspects or representations of Goddess Lakshmi
Ashta Lakshmi (Ashta means eight + Lakshmi means the Goddess of wealth) signifies the eight divine aspects of Ma Lakshmi. The eight representations emphasize different forms of wealth. Wealth has many forms other than the obvious one of money. You need different types of wealth and resources to be rich in a real sense. Physical, financial, spiritual and material wealth are all needed to complete life's various needs.
Goddess Mahalakshmi represents wealth and prosperity, luck and fortune. Her eight aspects are:
Dhan Lakshmi or Vaibhav Lakshmi - Wealth of money and riches
Gaj Lakshmi - Wealth of Elephants or vehicles
Adi Lakshmi - Wealth of endless prosperity. Goddess of no beginnings or end
Vijay Lakshmi - Wealth of victory, perserverance, courage, and confidence
Dhairya Lakshmi - Wealth of patience, strategy, planning, objectivity
Dhanya Lakshmi - Wealth of grain, food, nourishment, and health
Vidya Lakshmi - Wealth of education, knowledge, skills
Santan Lakshmi - Wealth of children, legacy, family, friends, well wishers
Goddess Lakshmi is depicted as a woman. Most of the time, she is prayed as a mother or Ma Lakshmi. Just like a soft hearted mother she loves us and guides us. She easily grants us her blessings and boons, if we seek it. Praying to her with devotion will always fulfill your wishes.Greater the devotion you have towards your dreams ,greater are the chances of Maa Benevolence on you.
Shri Yantra
'Shree' stands for Lakshmi and 'yantra' stands for device. Shri Yantra is a device that helps invoke the power of Lakshmi into our lives.
The Shri yantra is a very powerful symbol that dispels all negative energy from its vicinity and fills it with positive, progressive, and auspicious energy.
It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi has great affection for the Shri Yantra and blesses those who possess it.
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